F.C. Parry

FC ParryAs specialist manufacturers of Enamelled Badges, Medallions, Civic and Fraternal Regalia for decades, Parry’s has gained a worldwide reputation for products of superb craftsmanship at very competitive prices. Created back in 1937 F.C.P. has long been established in the creation and restoration of celebrated regalia, servicing fraternal societies, Mayoral offices, sporting clubs, civic establishments as well as the corporate sector with an extensive range of quality hand crafted products.

We are proud to supply such groups as the R.A.O.B. (Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes) with high quality regalia, and are proud to have an on-line shop for these products. We offer a wide variety of products that are ideal ways of rewarding excellence, achievement and long service, within any organisation. Often these rewards and recognition items can be as simple as a badge; simply follow the links to the left and you will find pages devoted to the different types of badge that we offer.

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